I know you may be thinking ‘How can I write an author’s bio, if I don’t really have anything to put down?’ The answer, it’s hard to but it can be done.


Sally Sue was born and raised in New England, her entire life. She’s been to the school of hard knocks but came out ahead of the rest. Her writing comes from her drive to share experiences with people that may have been through the same. When she’s not writing however; she loves to talk walks on the beach with her little pooch, Diver, dream of running naked through the town, and watching her favorite programs (Killer whales from out of space, Froggies, and Kiss me like you know me) on television. She is a lover of sand sculptures, trees with red leaves, and all things possible.

As you can see, most of that is just made up stuff. But, it was the truth about Sally Sue without giving away that she didn’t go to college or what town she is in. But there are two types of bio’s the author will want to create (there can be three). There is the short one that goes in the back of the book as well as your press release, and the long one that is listed on websites, we will get to that one later.

The one I had written above is a short one. For the longer one you can add more details. The details can be anything that you don’t mind sharing. You don’t want to put in too many private details though at least not for the back of the book. A good Bio, though, will include; name, a general location, details of what’s written,┬áif anything yet, details of what’s studied, if anything, passion, hobbies, and a little about your life.

Now let’s try this again if you studied things online but didn’t get a diploma. (It’s okay to list it if you are self-publishing. It’s not a good idea to list it if you are going the traditional route. Agents don’t care unless it’s something accredited.)


Cameron Quiltman lives in the mountainous region of Kentucky with his two children and nine dogs. He studied online in English Language and Literature. He wrote a few articles online for several blogs, as well as a few different online publishing platforms. His passion for writing carried over into novels. He has currently written ‘Tie me to the car, Kiss my foot my queen, and Let’s just say we did’. He plans on continuing his writing and sharing his comical stories for the world despite his hectic schedule of being mother, father, chef, cheerleader, saving the princess from the evil dog lion, and being sheriff in the wild wild west. When his hands aren’t tied to the chair (and the kids are asleep) he is busy typing away at his next novel. His hobbies include; watching a television show that isn’t a cartoon, chasing the dogs and kids through the neighbor’s yards, and finding ways to remove strawberry jelly from the ceiling. He is a lover of woodworking, lego building, and driving the kids around backwards.

Now I know both of the bio’s here include something funny.There are bio’s I’ve seen like that. Then there are bio’s that have nothing funny in them at all. The choice is yours. It is up to you to decide how you want to do it. Just remember the shorter bio is usually your Press Release.

You can actually do that different for each Press Release, Website Bio, and the one you put at the back of the E-book. You can have two different smaller ones. Making sure the funny one is for the E-book, a serious one for the Press Release, and then the long one for your website.

For the longer one I want to use an example. Try looking at Stephen King’s bio. I know, we aren’t Stephen King but, who says we can’t use him as inspiration. This is the one we can choose to add in a little humor or none at all. Remember this is going on your website.

Stephen King’s Bio

What is your bio like? Feel free to post the short one here, I would love to read some of them.

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