I wanted to share something with you. Now this is just in case you decide to create your book cover.

To create your own book cover, you start by finding a good image. You need to think about what you want as an image and keep in mind while looking if it would be something that would help or hinder your book. A place I found that has almost everything you can think of is istockphoto. Now if you do the pay per download, the price at the moment is $60 for 6 credits. I know that sounds like a lot of money but if you look at it this way. Those 6 credits, will get you 2 pictures. So you are essentially getting two book covers for $60. That’s a pretty good price.

What I like to do is create an account and then save the photos I like in what they call a lightbox. This let’s me look at a bunch of different photos and choose the one that I like the best.






Now I am sure there are other places that you can buy the photos, such as Deviantart, but ultimately I like istockphoto because you can use these in book trailers as well as on the book. The only thing they won’t let you use them for would be making t-shirts and selling them. But I wouldn’t want to put that on a t-shirt. I would put something that was more pertaining to the book, such as a symbol or phrase. In other words, you can purchase these photos and use them for anything except where the main thing you are selling is the artwork itself.

As for what to do with the photo once you have it, you then download a free software called Gimp. It can be a little confusing at first to use but everything you would need to use it can be found on a video somewhere on the internet. You would be amazed at some of the amazing things I have seen create with Gimp. But for the most part, I am hoping you found a photo that the only thing needed is to add a title and authors name. Of course you will also need to create the back page for paper books. Createspace has an excellent article on doing this. As well as the software online for you to use.

You may be hoping for the instructions on the paper book cover but as of now, I don’t use anything other than Createspace myself for my paper books. There are other places of course, to get paper books, but I am trying to show you how to self-publish for as cheap as possible and Createspace let’s you do this for free.

Do you use something else for your book cover? Let me know what you use, and even a picture of what your cover turned out like.



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