Building a book trailer can be hard if you don’t know where to look. If you are wanting to build it yourself that is. But I have found a a couple different things I wanted to share with you.

First, if you want to do it yourself, you can do this by buying videos or just images from istockphoto. There maybe cheaper places but in my research so far, I haven’t found any. But if your not careful, it can cost you more than $500. to do this. For images, I like the place, not so much into paying sky high prices though.

But I also wanted to share something else I found. They have people there that will not only build you a book cover, edit your manuscript, but build you a book trailer.

I know this site is suppose to be about doing it yourself. But on somethings, I don’t think it hurts to reach out for help. Just make sure you read the print on this place.

What that means is, you can get a book cover for $5, you can get the first 1000 words of your book edited for $5, and you can get a 30 second intro for $5. You want more, it costs more.

Think about that for a minute.

Yeah the book cover is good, if it’s good quality. I’ve seen a lot of non-fiction book covers and some crappy fiction covers. Choose the artist wisely. But, if your book is 40,000 words, imagine how much you would pay to have it edited. $200. That may still be a deal. That’s something I will look into more and more as I go along.

But let’s get back to the book trailer. If you wanted a nice hollywood type book trailer, You are going to pay them $450.  I checked out the ones that said they could do this. I was shocked at the prices. I have built decent videos for less. Which brings me to that.

You can do it yourself with windows movie maker or the Mac version of the software.

You can use free music as long as the person that created it is credited. I will provide a list of music later. You can also find images on public domain. This can be done by doing a google search and using the advance search option, that is found under the gear on the top right side. It then pulls up options and you click on Advance search. After doing this you will want to scroll down to where it says usage rights. Choose free to use, even commercially. This is to ensure that you won’t have someone coming back on you later. You can even do this with videos. But it makes it a little harder. Myself I like to find several images that look similar and piece them together. Later on in my updates, I will provide a sample, today I do not have time to do it. But I will also record to show you how to do this.

Now once you find your music and images, you can upload them to windows movie maker. It’s not really that hard and they have special effects you can add in. It may not be the greatest book trailer software but it’s free. Just play around with it.

How do you make your book trailer and what software do you use?

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