We all know our books have to be edited. They have to flow right. Now you can choose to have someone do this if you have a good trustworthy friend. You can pay someone to do this, I heard Fiverr is good for this as well, or you can do what I did:

I emailed my kindle the manuscript, cover and all. It allowed me to check it out and see how it looked. Your kindle will have it’s own email address. You can find this on your account in Amazon. After I emailed it to myself, I then opened the manuscript and had it read the text to me as I followed along on my writing software.

Now if you choose this option please remember a few things.

  1. If the flow of the book is interrupted as it reads to you, rethink that sentence.
  2. If there is a word spelled wrong or the wrong usage, fix it immediately.
  3. If there are things in the book that don’t help the flow or are not pertaining to the story cut it out. No one is going to care that someone’s shirt is ripped if you don’t explain why it was ripped and how that helps the storyline.
  4. After you do it once, do it two more times. You may be shocked by how many mistakes you catch or things that just don’t belong.

Once you have edited your book several times, then find someone you trust and have them read it. Have them make notes, they can do this on paper or their kindle. This way, they can call you up and say “Hey the line about her falling in love was a little cliche don’t you think?”

If you still are uncertain, find a critique group and join them. Just make sure it’s in your genre.

How do you edit your book? Do you hire, or do it yourself?

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