I wanted to touch down on Goodreads. Now for those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a place for authors to list their books and for readers to find you based on reviews and discussions.

Goodreads can also be used for giveaways. You can also use it for reviews and getting your book out there in front of people quickly by going into one of their forum discussions and offering your book for free in exchange for reviews. You also have voting on Goodreads. This is where people would vote on what books they think should be made into a movie (not that I think that it actually decides it) but they have many others. The reason I mentioned this is because if your book gets listed on the good options, it can bring in many readers.

But I want to say this before we go any further; Goodreads is not for the faint at heart.

What does that mean? It means be prepared. You will find some people that will give good reviews no matter what. Then you have some that give more of an accurate review. Then you have those that just love to rip people to shreds. Now I might add on that last one, there could be many reasons why that would happen. It could be because there was a rape scene in the book they weren’t warned about or it could be language. Or it could be

some I would consider trolls and I don’t mean the harmless kind. You know those people that would say anything bad about anything they read all because it wasn’t theirs or because they just find it funny to do so.

But if you can get over the bad, Goodreads can be a possible increase for your readership. You can create an author’s page, list the book in their library, link your blog to it so it updates when you update your blog, add videos (book trailers hint hint), list upcoming events, add quotes, groups, hold ask the author events, even advertise your book. There are many options for a indie author on Goodreads and many chances to connect with people to help build your fan base.

It’s something to keep in mind.

But you should also note, that if the editing is bad, people will call you out for it. So make sure your book is 100% ready to be published before putting it out there.

But as I mentioned on the main marketing page, you can also use Goodreads before you have have the book edited. You can create a place holder. This will show the book cover, if you have already revealed it, and give a synopsis of the book to get people looking forward to it. Here they will add it to their want to read and will be able to find it easier once it’s published. You can also do this with future works, like the next in the series. But make sure you keep it updated. People will get aggravated if they go to it and it says it’s supposed to be published that day and hasn’t.

Now tell me, do you use Goodreads? And if so, what has been your experience?



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