Marketing today is much different then it was back in the olden days where an ad was just placed in the paper.







There are many different types of marketing now. But the one we will focus on will be book marketing. Under the marketing tab, you will see the different areas. Each has their own page so that it can be discussed in detail. There you will learn about Social Media Marketing, Goodreads, having a Website, Press Release, a Book Trailer, and once your novel has taken off a Clothing and Jewelry line.

Please feel free to browse the pages. You may want to use some of the ideas or all of them.

Your marketing strategy depends greatly on what you are trying to accomplish. Unless you have an agent, just publishing your book won’t be enough to get it seen. There are thousands of indie author’s surfacing. So making sure you have a plan in place before you even hit the publish button is a must.

The best way to accomplish this is to:

  1. Have your Platform forming (Social Media)
  2.  List your book in as many places as possible for advertising (Goodreads) even if you haven’t published it yet having a holding place on Goodreads will show you are in the process of it
  3. Have a series A series gets your name out there more than just one book, smashwords recommends this as well.
  4. Have your website built so fans have a place to read more about it and you
  5. Have a Press Release for bloggers, newspapers, and such
  6. Create a book trailer
  7. Hold Contests
  8. And create things so people can wear them out and spread the word of your novel (this is done after being published and a fanbase has formed)

I know this sounds like a lot of work but, unless you have someone that can do this for you, it’s something you will have to schedule time for. But just know, once you get use to doing all of this, it will come as a second nature to you. Also, once you have a platform built and a good size fan base, there won’t be nearly as much work to the advertising. It’s getting the fans is the hardest part.

Now you know what you are up against, please stop by often or subscribe so you can stay up to date and learn more marketing techniques as you progress.