Your press release is something that you should have on hand. Either on a website or typed up somewhere. This is a small bio including a photo that is used for things such as blogs and newspapers.

Myself, I have three different bio’s. I have my author’s bio that is long and tells a lot about who I am and how I began writing. I have a short one that will be used in the back of the e-books and contains humor, and then I have my press release. My press release is a condensed version of the long one. It doesn’t contain humor although that may change in the future.

An example of a press release is as such:

Kimberly Lynn Aistrop was born August 10, 1975 to Virgil and Flora Aistrop in Burlington, North Carolina until they moved back to Virginia. In 2009 she began working from home writing articles for several companies including: Demand Media, Yahoo, and Examiner, as well as blogging on her own blog. After the death of her husband, Robert Hopkins, she stopped writing for two years. She took time to study and received training through Alison and Udemy in English Language and Literature, Social Media Marketing, and Book Marketing.

Kimberly is working on several novels and the release date is set to be sometime 2015 for all three.

Of course, I also include a photo.

As you can see it’s not hard. But it is necessary.

What is your press release like? Do you have comedy in your’s? Or is it like mine?

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