I wanted to share with you a few places I found that will help greatly. Now they aren’t accredited but, I don’t see where that matters if they help you in your craft of writing.

One of the places is Alison.com. Now let me explain some how Alison works. You go on the site and sign up to join. After joining, you add the courses to your list you want to start. You do this by clicking start this course. I love the fact that you can actually take these courses without paying a dime. If you want a certification or diploma of course you will pay for those but they aren’t needed.

So I will list for you some of the courses I have taken myself. Courses as I said that are free to take.

Diploma in English Language and Literature

For those that don’t want to take that much:

English writing skills

Fundamentals of English Grammar

For those more interested in Marketing:

Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Now I have taken many other classes there as well. All for my own enjoyment or benefit.

Another place that I would recommend is Udemy.com

There, I have taken Tom Corson-Knowles course:

How to Become a Best-Selling Author on Kindle

I want to give a tip on this. This course is expensive. And you have to pay for it up front. But if you sign up for Udemy, and add it to your wishlist, it goes on sale A LOT! I bought it for $15. And I have to say so far, it’s pretty good except for one thing. He told someone that mistakes in your book didn’t matter. I don’t agree, I have read reviews of people just trashing authors for not having proper grammar. But I guess that’s up to the writer.

If you have any courses you would recommend, let me know.