Social Media Marketing is a must when self-publishing. You have to have a platform. But where do you start?

I started with Twitter. I started following people and they began to follow me back. I haven’t worked much on Facebook, but I do plan on it. I also plan on building a page for each of my series. That way I can update each one separately, add contests for each series, and post photos I may want to add. But don’t stop there, there are so many ways to build a platform and do social media marketing for e-books.

There is:


Facebook (you can also make pages per series)







Digg (although I haven’t tried that one)

Reddit (haven’t tried that one either)

Myspace (haven’t tried that one)

Hi5 (haven’t tried that one either)

Interviews on popular blogs

Even Wikipedia (search your favorite author)

I know it may sound like a lot of things to do but, something you can do is find your strategy. You may not want all of those. You may find that two of them did better than any of the others. It’s up to you to find what works for you. No matter what you do though, make sure you schedule time for it. Don’t do more than you think you can handle. And if your going to be away, let people know. It doesn’t take much to update a couple of them, retweet or favorite a few things and go about your day.

So tell me, what social media networking do you use? And how has it helped?




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