There is many different programs used to write a book. This page covers the software used in the different areas. Under the tab you can get more details of which program you can use to help you.

First of all we have writing software. That is actually two categories: speech to text software and word processing software.

The first one helps with writing the book by talking into a microphone and having it write the book for you.

The second one is the software used to write the book in.

You don’t have to have the first but you do have to have access to the second if you plan on publishing online.

The other software that is used is to make the book cover, that is unless you pay someone to do it for you.

The last, book trailer software.

Now I have tried my best to offer up the cheapest or free software.Each will have their own reviews. If the only thing I have offered up is the free, it is because I felt it was capable of doing what needed to be done without added costs to you or me. So have a look around and see if any of the information you find is helpful.